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The report of the visit of Cardinal Tisserant to Kerala in 1951 resulted in issuing the Decree"Multhorum Fidilium" by which His Holiness Pope Pius 12th in 1955, declared the extension of the Arch Diocese of Changanacherry up to the Southern most tip of India. 

In 1956, Kanyakumari of Travancore becomes a part of Tamil Nadu and it was due to the linguistic difference. This was an under developed area where linguistic fusion and mixed culture prevailed. 

The low status of the people in education and culture was not a hindrance to be attentive to the missionaries who rendered selfless service. It became a sacred duty of the missionaries to bit the light of the Gospel and help the people to have an integrated development. In 1960, Rev.Fr.Thomas Nangachiveettil and Rev.Fr.Zacharias Kaithara were the coordinators of the mission activities of the Southern Mission. In 1969, CMC sisters started their service, residing in a rented building at Kaliyal.

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