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Faith Formation

Our main thrust was giving the love of Jesus to the people. We try to share His message, His mercy and goodness with them. In the first place we help them to become people with dignity, then impart the sense of education, faith practices etc. So, the term evangelization has to be understood in a boarder meaning with regard to the villagers. Our presence, involvement and services have helped the church to grow in different places of Gujarat.

We are glad that we run two schools for the children of Gujarat, having very good strength. Our Sisters also serve in the schools run by the Diocese in Rajkot. We try to impart quality education to the children. Our schools aim at the academic excellence, development of skills and character formation, based on the love of God and service of mankind. Our sisters keep up good rapport with the families of children and conscientise the parents about the need of education. We feel that we touched them and that they have grown.

Image by Aaron Burden


Image by Prasesh Shiwakoti (Lomash)

Healing Ministry

The sisters’ services in the Dispensaries are a great blessing for the villagers. As the hospitals are not avail in the villages, the sisters provide devoted medical care for the patients who come from every corner of the different villages.

Our sisters had to face great challenges while working among the different villages with different caste, having multiple cultures, customs, traditions, dialects and unfamiliar situations. Even today development has not touched most of the villages where we started our communities. No proper travelling facilities, no hospitals or formal schools are avail for the village folk. The villagers accepted us as their own, cooperated with us. Our sisters stand with them in their struggles and difficulties and help them in faith formation, education, health care, and other areas. We are happy to state that we love the people with whom we work.


Social Work

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